5 Alternative Ways to Celebrate World Theatre Day in London

World Theatre Day is supported by theatre communities all over the world annually on March 27th. Designated by the International Theatre Institute in 1961, this day celebrates the essence, beauty, and importance of theatre arts, as it continues to move, entertain, and teach us.

One thing London is not lacking is theatres, the West End alone offers theatre productions that could entertain for a lifetime. From grand venues such as London Coliseum and Apollo Theatre to smaller lowkey settings such as The Donmar Warehouse which is a 251-seat, not-for-profit theatre in Covent Garden. But seeing a production isn’t the only way to celebrate World Theatre Day, (although you really can’t go wrong by doing that).
Check out these 5 alternate ways to celebrate this important day.

Sharing the World Theatre Day Message

Each year a figure of world stature, chosen by the ITI, shares his or her reflections on the theme of theatre and a ‘culture of peace’. This is called the World Theatre Day Message, and one of the goals is to promote and share this message around the globe. You can share the message through your social media channels, or even just by reading it out to someone who hasn’t heard it. Sharing this message will help grow awareness of the value and importance of the theatre. 


Now, more than ever, the theatre scene needs support from those who share their belief in the power of theatre. National Theatre Together is a campaign that aims to raise vital funds for the National Theatre and celebrate the brilliant work that is created. The National Theatre Together initiative believes that theatre is for all of us, and together we can share the very best of British theatre with audiences around the world. You can help them achieve this vision by donating to their site

Involve a Child

Don’t have one of your own? Borrow a niece or nephew for a day at the theatre (their parents won’t mind, we promise you). The theatre is not just for entertainment, it is key to more creative, more communicative, and healthier children. Contrary to television which changes images every three to four seconds, theatre requires concentration for a sustained period, helping children to learn patience and concentration.

Give your time to street performers

How often do we rush past the busker at the tube station or the performer at Covent Garden? These people are artists and are sharing their talent with you. On World Theatre Day remember that no one said it better than William Shakspeare when he said that ‘all the world's a stage. Take the time to look around you and appreciate the performance on display for you, for the street performer truly is the beating heart of the city and wants nothing more than to entertain. 

Celebrate from Home

After spending the last 2 years with limited access to events, many people have no interest in staying in but for some, the comfort of home has become their go-to. And who can argue with anything involving comfy clothes and slippers? For Vonderers enjoying our co-living London, you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds! Join your community in one of your communal spaces, make a theatre-themed cocktail, and put on a big, brassy movie musical. Enjoy classics like “Les Misèrables” and “Chicago” or the film-only variety like “The Greatest Showman” and “Mary Poppins Returns.”. 

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