A Beauty Haven Offering Wellness for You and Our Planet

Big has opened its first London store in Victoria Village, and it's everything that meets the eye. This trendy beauty retailer takes beauty products to the next level, embodying its commitment to its brand - wellness for the customer and our planet. 

Our fast paced lives of instant gratification, cellular devices, and the constant possibility of cyber space at our fingertips, allows little time for quiet and turning inward. Stop. Take a breath. Exhale. Big has recently opened its first London shop, and it is a haven in and of itself. Designed by Nina+Co, the shop exudes the tranquillity of nature. Gorgeous, sleek, minimalist décor offers a peaceful ambience which embraces anyone that enters, urging you to quiet your mind and take a step closer to nature. The earthy colour pallet of its products represent the ingredients with which they are made. Think seaweed and clay. The store uses dark storage units that are made of expanded cork and shelves made from recycled metal, beautifully contrasting the light coloured furniture and walls. Stone slab tables with live edges create a natural feel, transporting the shopper back to basics; nature's foundational elements. 

The store embodies their brand. Beauty with a clear conscience. They offer locally made, organic, vegan, beauty products. All are sold in plastic free, refillable, recyclable containers. So, while you’re taking a moment to restore your inner calm and heal your body you are also loving our mother earth. Big is a beauty haven that returns kindness to the greater community by caring about the environment and working toward a better future for our world. What could be better?

Big offers anything and everything you can think of to calm and nurture your body and soul. From skin care, to hair care, deodorant, and probiotics, these products will take you on a health journey toward overall wellness and will make your soul smile. The store sells tickets for evening events, offering refreshments and tutorials on how to use the products. These evenings are all about creating a local community around nourishment and wellness. With prior booking, massage treatments are also available, taking place in the beautiful in- store treatment room. 

So, take some time out to do something for yourself and join another local community. Visit Big, the new beauty haven in Victoria Village, and prepare to be amazed by the incredible design. Take the opportunity to be enveloped by the serenity of nature while contributing to the wellness of our planet. 

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