Adopt a Plant: In-home gardening done right

Not a natural when it comes to taking care of plants? No worries, we have even the most novice of gardeners covered in this in-home gardening guide.

The past 12 months has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people investing both time and effort in their home décor and surroundings in order to make periods of isolation and lockdown that little bit more comfortable. 

A recent survey by Floral Daily found that, since March 2020, almost 12% of over 990 house plant buyers were first time plant parents. 65% of  respondents bought the plants to beautify their homes, while for 54% of people it was an excuse to distract them from the current challenging situation. 


People are investing both time and effort in their home décor. Image by Vadim Kaipov.

But what about those of us who are totally new to the houseplant game? The temptation is to fill our home with seemingly easy to take care of plants in a bid to create a more calming atmosphere. However sometimes this generates more stress than it alleviates. 

Fortunately however, help is at hand in the form of virtual apps for house plant care. We have rounded up some of our favourite apps to take care of the plant babies in your life.


Take the best care of you Houseplants! Image by Trung Thanh.

Take the, ‘Picture This,’ app as one example. Simply take a photo of your plant, and the app will automatically generate tips on how to take care of your plant. From how much water it needs, to how regularly it needs water, to whether it thrives in sunlight or not- you can understand exactly what your specific plant needs, or doesn’t need as the case may be. 

We also love, ‘Planta.’ This innovative app allows you to store images and details about each of the plants in your home. It then provides you with reminders and step by step guides for their care. Another great feature of this app is the ability to search for the best types of plants for your home, you can set the filters from plants that thrive in shady spots, to those that require less hand on care and attention. 

Want to take your in-home gardening skills to the next level? We recommend the ‘Vera’ app which allows you to journal about your plants, and learn new gardening skills from others. 


Phone apps can help you learn how to take better care. Image taken from 'Picture This'.

At Vonder, we always ensure that our co-living flats in London, Warsaw and Berlin are home to many different house plants, both to create that feeling of being home, as well as to complement the carefully designed décor in our residential complexes as a whole. Whether you have house plants to bring with you, or are looking to find new plants when you move-our co-living flats make the perfect home. 

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