Art in London: Kew Garden's 'Naturally Brilliant Colour Exhibiton'

As things slowly return to normal, we are excited to showcase some upcoming art exhibits in London over the next couple of months.

For May our focus is on Kew Gardens’ and their aptly named ‘Naturally Brilliant Colour’ Exhibit. Their latest exhibition will showcase artwork created using a new technology called Pure Structural Colour. Developed by researchers and scientists from the Lifescaped labs. Their technology is able to create any shade of colour using transparent materials. 

Artist Coral G Guest will display her artwork using Pure Structural Colour mixed into paint. 

Also not to be missed at the exhibit is artwork from the botanical artist Robert John Thornton (1768-1837), as well as from his more contemporary peer, Julia Trickey. 

Kew Gardens have promised that their latest exhibit will include a giant kaleidoscope and the chance to travel through vision and colour over 500 million years. 

The exhibit promises to be as much of an art history lesson, as it does a cultural and sensory experience too. 

Running from May 17-26, the Naturally Brilliant Colour Exhibit can be found at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art in Kew Gardens. For more information, and ticketing visit here

At Vonder we are always looking for ways to promote local art and cultural scenes, while providing stellar community and cultural experiences for our residents by loathing ourselves in diverse and interesting neighbourhoods. Our co-living in London complexes include our flats in Richmond, not far from Kew Gardens.

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