BAO Mary Brings Taiwan to the Streets of London

Ready to experience something new this summer? Looking for the perfect spot to get out of your routine and grab a delicious bite to eat? We have you covered. We’ve discovered a new hotspot, BAO Mary, and it’s not to be missed. 

BAO Mary is London’s latest BAO restaurant and there’s a reason it’s creating a buzz. The new local eatery is located in Marylebone, a skip and a hop away from our furnished flats to rent in west London.  BAO co-founder Shing Tat Chung along with their in-house designer Priscilla Wong from MATHS have created a unique spot, designed to resemble a Taiwanese dumpling shop. A complete refurbishment of the previous 110 square meter restaurant has transformed the premises into a lively informal Asian eatery. With their incredible design, BAO and MATHS without a doubt succeeded in creating something special. 

As you enter this two-story restaurant, prepare to be transported to the coast of southeast Asia. An open kitchen and blended indoor and outdoor seating give the space an informal feeling of customers spilling out into the street. The focus of the space is the kitchen itself, which is of course where the magic happens. Through the energetic chaos of cooking, eating, and queuing up for a table, the design team brilliantly connects the chefs and customers. The new design is reminiscent of a local Thai dumpling house. It brilliantly uses the small main dining area to its advantage by utilizing the entire space, resulting in a vivacious and intimate vibe. 

The design team combined a utilitarian style seen in informal dumpling houses with a material pallet that includes a wood-paneled interior. Gorgeous timber-lined walls and parquette floor beautifully compliment the simple white tiles in the kitchen. Round glass tables and custom-made stools invite you in for a fun and classy dining experience. A brightly lit refrigerator is featured next to the kitchen, playing off the self-serve fridges commonly seen in Taiwan. 

At BAO Mary, you'll find a simple yet comprehensive menu offering dumplings and quick cold dishes that will have your mouth watering. So, head out now to grab your table. No need to plan ahead, as walk-ins are welcome. Although if you’re going with a group, they do allow an option to book and even reserve the basement floor. 

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