Burj Khalifa Upholds 14 Years of Ruling the Sky

Imagine standing tall at 828 meters, the world at your feet, and the sky as your companion. The Burj Khalifa is now 14 years young and still the unrivaled ruler of the skyline. This architectural masterpiece has not only mastered the art of touching the clouds but has also set a whopping ten world records! Explore the secrets of its charm and discover why it's the go-to hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

Have you seen Tom Cruise casually scaling down a building in Mission Impossible? Well, it happened here! But that's just the tip of this towering iceberg. The magnificent Burj Khalifa claims additional world records. In addition to being the tallest building on the globe, it is the tallest man-made structure on Earth. As the tallest free-standing structure worldwide it also boasts the most number of stories on the planet. 

Perhaps the most enticing claim to fame, the Burj Khalifa features the highest outdoor observation deck in existence. The tower is home to the world's highest swimming pool, sitting pretty on level 76! For the architects and civil engineers among us, the building also sets the record for the highest installation of an aluminum and glass facade and the tallest vertical concrete pumping. The gorgeous structural innovation creates a visually stunning exterior; the essence of modern architectural brilliance.  It involved the tallest vertical concrete pumping, showing unprecedented engineering. And of course, the impressive tower boasts the tallest elevator service in the world. How else would visitors be able to enjoy this incredible location?

Don’t just settle for admiring this breathtaking building from afar. The Burj Khalifa welcomes you with open arms, offering a variety of attractions. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Have a Drink at the SKY Lounge  

Sip on sophistication at the world's highest lounge on level 148. The views are as delightful as the refreshments!

2. Photo Op at the Top Observation Deck 

Capture panoramic city views from floors 124 and 125. An outdoor terrace on 124 and a virtual reality experience on 125 await you!

3. Eat at the World’s Tallest Restaurant 

 Indulge your taste buds on the 122nd floor at At.mosphere, the world's tallest restaurant. A seven- or 13-course tasting menu features seasonal and traditional French delicacies.

4. Take an Elevator Adventure 

 Ride the world's tallest lift, reaching an impressive 504 meters! Fun fact: the building contains 57 elevators but the tallest lift of all surpasses the height of the Empire State Building in New York.

5. Live on the Edge and Check out the Sky Views Edge Walk 

Go on the city's highest full-circle hands-free walk, suspended over 219 meters above the ground. Unparalleled city views, but be warned, this is not for the faint of heart! 

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