Coffee Break With Your Pet for National Pet Month - Vonder Wembley

Come celebrate National Pet Month with us! We have coffee, treats, and toys for your loved ones on April 1 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at Vonder Wembley. 

You always knew your pet was something special - and you have a full month to acknowledge that! National Pet Month raises awareness of responsible pet ownership and celebrates the benefits our pets bring us (and vice versa). Show your pet some extra love from April to May.

This year, National Pet Month is especially important. That’s because the latest statistics from NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) show that pets are more challenging during the pandemic because of how much our lifestyles have changed. 31% of pet owners who got their cats or dogs during the pandemic are even concerned that they might have to give up their pets. 

Dawn Howard, NOAH Chief Executive, says, “In many cases, there are simple steps an owner can take to improve a pet’s behaviour. Sometimes just one conversation with a vet or pet professional can make a positive difference for you and your animal companion.” 

Raising awareness about these issues is important for pet owners and pets alike. Here at Vonder, we encourage all those with pets to enjoy their company during a coffee break. Your pet deserves some extra attention - and so do you! 


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