Energy Saving Week 2021

Our top tips for using less energy at home.

Saving at energy at home is something we should all be more conscious of, and what better time than during Energy Saving Week (18-24th of January, 2021). 

The less energy we use, the less dependent we are on fossil fuel resources, which in turn helps our environment. This is a win-win for our air, our lungs and the environment as a whole. Saving energy makes good sense, budget wise. The less energy we use, the less we spend. It really is that simple. 


Turn off lights. Image by Seth Hoffman.

In the spirit of the week we have compiled some top tips for saving energy at home.

  1. Wait until you have a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher. Two half loads, for example, would mean using double the energy and water you would use if you waited until either machine was filled before turning it on. 
  2. Consider washing clothes in cold water. Modern washing machines are designed to be as efficient in washing clothes in cold water, as well as they do in hot. Cold water doesn’t require added energy to heat it up- saving you both energy and money at the same time. Go for a 30 degree wash every time.
  3. Make a conscious decision to use the tumble dryer less or at least save it only for rainy days. Air drying clothes not only gives them that amazing sun kissed smell (and the sun works at getting rid of stains better than any shop bought stain spray), but saves a lot of energy too. 
  4. Got a sun facing window? Don’t keep the curtains drawn on it all day. Sun coming in can warm up a living space and mean you can save off on turning on the heating for certain parts of the day. At the same time, during the colder months, keep the curtains drawn or opt for thicker and heavier curtains, to keep the heat in. 
  5. Opt for shorter, cooler showers. Use less water and energy at the same time. 
  6. Turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use or when you are out. It seems like a very insignificant thing but depending on how many appliances you have running at home, the more you have, the more potential energy you save by remembering to turn them off. 
  7. If you can, play with your heating thermostat- this means setting it differently for different times of the day depending on how the temperature varies. This way you use energy for heating, when you need it most and don’t waste it when you don’t need it. 
  8. If you can, install a timer on your water heater. This means you decide when it turns on and off- you don’t have to remember to turn it off to save energy, it does it automatically.
  9. Where you can always buy energy efficient electrical appliances. Appliances are ranked according to specific energy efficient guidelines- choose electrical goods that rank the highest, allowing you to use them safely in the knowledge that they are doing the energy saving work for you.
  10. Replace your light bulbs with CFL and LED bulbs, not only do they last longer but they use 20% less energy than the traditional bulbs. 


Play with your heating thermostat. Image by Cashoyboy.

The more you can do to make energy saving an integral part of your home set up, the easier it is to save energy in the long term without necessarily any extra effort or work on your part. Invest in energy efficient appliances, utilise timers for heaters and thermostats, rely where you can on approaches to living that don’t involve the use of electrical appliances (air drying clothes) and energy saving becomes integrated into where and how you live.

At Vonder we are committed to adopting a more sustainable approach to living, and one that puts protection of the environment at its core. Co-living by its very nature is driven by an approach to living that understands the need to nurture our environment and to find ways to protect and respect it. This commitment extends across our co-living London, co-living Berlin and co-living Warsaw flats and complexes. 

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