European Mobility Week September 2021

33 countries, and 1349 towns and cities will be joining European Mobility week (an initiative spearheaded by the European Commission) between the 16th and 22nd of September through a series of action items and activities to promote more sustainable urban mobility.

The thinking behind the week is about improving cleaner, more intelligent urban mobility solutions. From micro mobility schemes, to the promotion of active mobility (think cycling and walking), to improved public transportation, the week aims to promote creative and innovative approaches to how we move people around cities, while planning for a healthier more environmentally conscious future. 

The end of the week culminates in a car-free day across Europe, where people are encouraged to leave their cars at home for the day. 

A wider push for change

The week is more about temporary schemes involving eco-friendly mobility solutions, it also aims to push governments (both local and regional) as well as urban planners (both private and public) to put their collective heads together in the name of more innovative planning when it comes to sustainable transport schemes. 

It means taking the time to consider new infrastructure (from new cycling lanes, more pedestrianised streets, or scooter sharing schemes) to new technologies, including smart city solutions to make urban mobility more efficient, more accessible and more sustainable. 

A major focus of the week is ways to improve air quality while still improving transport options across Europe. This year’s key message running through the week is ‘ Safe and Healthy with sustainable mobility.’ The idea being that from challenges can come positive changes. 

Resilience spearheading positive change

A key positive change in urban centres over the past 18 months has been the increased focus on cycling and walking as safer means of transport during a global pandemic. These are exactly the kind of resilient changes European Mobility Week helps to achieve.

Get moving

So this is all happening on a governmental and organizational level but what can individuals do during the week to help promote the spirit of the campaign? In fact, there are plenty.

Why not take the week to explore eco mobility solutions. Walk to work, or to the supermarket, or to your yoga class - either leave the car at home, or walk over taking the bus. 

Got a bike? Know where to borrow or rent one? Maybe take the week to explore local cycle routes and bike lanes, either for pleasure or as a means of getting where you need to be. Many cities have bicycle sharing schemes that allow you to pick up a bicycle from areas around the city and rent one for a few hours or the whole day.

Never considered getting on an electric scooter? Maybe European mobility week is just the time to give it a try. Just don’t forget your helmet. 

The week is also a great opportunity to learn more about what your city is doing to promote more eco friendly mobility solutions. From improvements or extensions to public transport, or more creative solutions - it is important to know where your city is headed. The future will demand that we adopt more environmentally friendly modes of transport, but now is the time to be trailing them. The better cities understand it, the brighter the future will be for us all. 

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