Greenpeace Talk at Wembley - The Plastic Pollution Problem

Vonder Wembley is hosting a Greenpeace talk about the plastic pollution problem and what we can do about it on April 28 at 7 pm. 

Every year, humans produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste. This alone is appalling, but the situation is made worse when you consider that this amount is projected to nearly triple by 2040 without urgent and large-scale action. In this presentation, Erika from Greenpeace will be highlighting the plastic pollution problem and the impact that society’s overreliance on plastic has on our lands, oceans, communities, and even our health.  Together, we will be exploring different ways to make small changes in our own homes and workplaces to help the cause.

To reduce plastic waste and contribute to a greener earth, Erika will introduce the initiative Big Plastic Count, launched by Greenpeace and the non-profit organisation Everyday Plastic. Taking place from 16-22 of May, the campaign encourages UK households to keep count of all the plastic they throw away in a week. The Big Plastic Count draws attention to the volume of plastic waste produced by UK homes and lobbies the government and retailers to address the problem.

Greenpeace has one clear vision, as it says on their site: "Our vision is a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet, one that can sustain life for generations to come." This is a vision we can get behind, and one we hope to embody. Together, we will protect the planet and keep the Earth clean. 🌎

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