Hottest Summer Music Festivals & Concerts in London

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start keeping your eyes and ears open for this year's hottest music festivals in London. Prepare to immerse yourself in the eclectic music scene, where you're sure to find something you like no matter what genre you fancy. 

It’s not long before the city of London will come alive with the infectious energy of warm summer nights, food stands, funky outfits, and the beats of chart- topping artists.  What’s the best part? Well, co living London residents, it’s all happening right in your backyard! No need to drive hundreds of miles or queue up for days to buy tickets to see your favorite band. We’ve compiled a list of world-class summer festivals and concerts that are just a tube ride away. There’s no time to thank us. Start securing your tickets and get ready for a summer filled with epic days of music and memories. 


Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, 3 June 2023

Queen Beyoncé is coming to town! The legendary pop sensation will be gracing the magnificent Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with her awe-inspiring presence. Beyoncé, the undisputed diva and master of the stage, is renowned for her powerhouse vocals, killer dance moves, and unparalleled energy. Brace yourself for a night of pure magic as she delivers a mind-blowing performance that will leave you breathless and begging for more. With her infectious charisma and captivating stage presence, Beyoncé knows how to turn any venue into a massive dance party, and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will undoubtedly be no exception. So gather your squad, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to have the time of your life because Beyoncé is about to unleash an unforgettable night of music, fun, and fierce diva vibes that will have you feeling like a true superstar.

Mighty Hoopla 

Brockwell Park, 4 June  2023

Pop-lovers need look no further than the Mighty Hoopla Festival for a brilliant weekend of magic, fun, and freedom. This festival focuses on emerging LGBTQ+ performers. It prides itself on welcoming a diverse audience with love and appreciation for all. Here you can expect to find the most outrageous outfits and extravagant festival fashion. Not only does this event love its attendees, but it also loves the plant. No single- use plastic is allowed. All beverages are served from aluminum cans. Even the sparkles and gorgeous glitter is biodegradable. In terms of music, this festival has it all. Featuring artists such as Kelly Rowland, Confidence Man, and Natasha Bedingfiels, get your disco and rave on with a nonstop party playlist. The people, music, and overall vibe is unlike anything you've ever experienced. So, expect to be thrilled and come join in on the chaos. 

Capital’s Summertime Ball

Wembley Stadium, 11 June 2023

The Capital’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium is where the party’s at for pop and rock. At this one night event you're sure to see the biggest artist names including Niall Horan, Lewis Capaldi, Anne-Marie and Jonas Brothers. If you’ve never experienced a concert at this larger than life venue, the excitement and energy is palpable. You'll be swept away into another world of beats, dancing and singing to your favorite tunes along with 80,000 other people in the audience. It’s the Uk’s biggest summer party. 

Harry Styles

Wembley Stadium, 16 June 2023

Get ready to swoon and groove because the heartthrob extraordinaire, Harry Styles, is about to rock Wembley Stadium on 16 June 2023! Harry, the epitome of charm and talent, is all set to grace the iconic stage with his soulful voice and killer fashion sense. Brace yourself for an evening of infectious pop anthems, heart-melting ballads, and high-energy performances that will have you dancing like nobody's watching. Harry's concerts are legendary for their electrifying atmosphere, where fans from all walks of life come together to create an unforgettable sea of love and excitement. So gather your friends, don your most fabulous outfits, and join the Harry Styles fandom for a night of pure magic at Wembley Stadium. From the moment he steps on stage with his signature smile, you'll be transported into a world of joy, laughter, and undeniable good vibes. Get ready to sing your heart out, make lifelong memories, and dance like nobody's judging because Harry Styles is about to take you on a musical journey you won't ever forget.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Barbican Centre on 18 June 2023

Get ready to experience the captivating harmonies and infectious rhythms of Ladysmith Black Mambazo at the renowned Barbican Centre on 18 June 2023. Hailing all the way from South Africa, Ladysmith Black Mambazo is a legendary a cappella group that will transport you to a world of pure sonic bliss. Known for their soul-stirring melodies and vibrant vocal arrangements, their music combines traditional Zulu sounds with contemporary influences, creating a truly unique and uplifting experience. Prepare to be mesmerised by their enchanting harmonies and choreography that will have you tapping your feet and clapping your hands in no time. The Barbican Centre, with its intimate atmosphere, will provide the perfect setting to experience the incredible talent and infectious energy of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. So grab your friends, embrace the rhythm, and let the captivating sounds take you on a joyous musical journey that will leave you with a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

Field Day

Victoria Park, 19 August 2023

This year’s Field Day will be hosted at our very own Victoria Park. Come out to get your groove on to the best electronic dance-music of the year. The first wave of acts have just been announced with names like Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Jayda G, Jon Hopkins. Come join the mix of fans young and old and experience some of the most revered artists in their genre. 

Summer 2023 in the London area is set to be a music lover's dream, the music festivals in London are on another level with an exciting lineup of festivals that cater to every taste. Whether you're into indie rock, electronic beats, or a multisensory experience that combines music and art, these festivals offer an unforgettable summer adventure. So grab your friends and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime in the lively music scene of London.

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