Local Food in London

How can you find food that’s exciting, sustainable, and best of all, local in London? Luckily, it’s actually possible!

No matter where you live, going to the supermarket gets boring really fast. Staring at rows and rows of mass-produced products, without anything new or surprising to discover, is not exactly how most people want to spend their evenings after a long day at work. Not only that, but the products you typically find at big stores aren’t always the most sustainable. Packaging requires plastic and other materials that aren’t good for the environment. And when you’re searching for fresh fruits and vegetables, how sure are you that they’re actually fresh? It’s hard to know whether the cucumbers you’re purchasing got in that day or are over a week old.

Another problem with regular shopping at the supermarket is that you can’t support the local economy in the most meaningful way while you’re there. Supermarkets offer you products made all over the world, without an emphasis on supporting British businesses. If you want to support local businesses, you’ll need to look outside of massive chain stores.

The good news is that London hosts a variety of local food producers. It’s worth exploring these options while you’re there:

City Farms: 

You can buy food at farms, even in the city? Yes! It’s actually possible to buy fruits and vegetables (and even eggs and meat) at a local farm instead of the usual supermarket. This way, you know where your food comes from, and you know that it’s fresh and ready to eat. You might want to consider Sitopia in Greenwich, which hosts a pop-up farm shop on Saturdays between 11-5 pm. You can also sign up to get weekly seasonal produce. Another option for fresh produce is Stepney City Farm. They host a popular farmer’s market every Saturday between 10-3 pm and also have an online store. 

Local Markets: 

This is a totally different kind of shopping experience because you get to support independent retailers while taking home unique and sustainably made items. One of the best local markets out there is the Wembley Park Market. Open six days a week (closed on Monday), you can buy a wide variety of items here, from health and wellness gifts to fashion and art to food and drink. These artisans create a vibrant space in which you get the chance to discover a whole new world of beauty and authenticity. 


There are a range of options for drinks made in London, but we’ve curated a list of what will soon be your favourites. One is Forty Hall Vineyard, a wine producer that uses grapes grown inside the M25. They make English still and sparkling wines. You can buy their wines online. Another is Urban Cordial Company, a company that produces a variety of fruit cordials. Something really cool about this company is that they save fruits that supermarkets would have thrown away by using them in their cordials. This means that when you drink their cordials, you’re drinking more sustainably. And here, too, you can place a quick order online and they’ll be at your doorstep soon. 


Once we began discussing drinks, we had to talk about cheese too! If you’re a cheese-lover, these choices will make your mouth water. One artisan cheese making company, called Wildes Cheese (based in Tottenham, North London), has an online shop in addition to market stalls. They make their own cheese using milk from a single herd of cows in East Sussex. Another cheese option is La Latteria, where they make their cheese by hand in North Acton. They have an online store and deliver! 

So you want to live in London. How can you do that?

As you can already see, there are endless possibilities, and that isn’t just true for food. We at Vonder recognise the importance of location when we’re deciding where our all in one living spaces should be. That’s why we have several living complexes in London, all furnished and ready to live in when you want to move. Our newest location at Wembley (nearby Wembley Park Market mentioned above) holds over 300 fully furnished flats, as well as amazing on-site amenities. You’ll be able to form your own community with your neighbours while exploring all that London has to offer.  Now that you’ve got a little taste of the local food producers available to you in London, there’s just one more thing to do: join us!

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