London Restaurant Takes Sustainability to a New Level

There’s nothing we love more at Vonder than a good sustainability story, and no one delivers better than Object Space Place - an interior architecture business that puts sustainability at the forefront of their vision

As Object Space Place seeks to set a new benchmark in sustainable design, they are bringing hospitality businesses into a new era. They have pioneered a Restorative Design Framework based on the principles of a circular economy, which aims to design out waste and pollution, keep natural resources in use and minimise restaurants carbon footprints.

Most recently they revamped the Apricity restaurant interior in London with second-hand furniture and reclaimed materials, and the results are not to be missed. Located in the heart of London, just a 7-minute walk from Vonder Wimpole we were excited to check out the redesign. Apricity is already a restaurant right up our street, with their sustainable produce from small-scale farmers and locally foraged ingredients, as well as a zero-waste approach to cooking. “We have consciously reconsidered everything we do from displaying the menu, how we wash the dishes and who supplies us. British produce is championed, to promote our wonderful makers, growers and farmers, and to ensure flavour is paramount, as well as reducing our outputs.” they state. Now their sustainable redesign is the cherry on top. 

With the average lifespan of a restaurant design currently standing at just 5 years, redesigned restaurant fitouts have the potential to create a lot of waste. Using Object Space Place to fit out Apricity resulted in a 40% decrease in emissions compared to a standard restaurant fitout. One of the most striking elements within Apricity are the exposed walls. By celebrating all the wall’s marks and imperfections as part of the design, they haven’t had to use non-recyclable building materials to cover them up, and the result is warm and natural. 

After removing an existing staircase, they recreated the new staircase from oak sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests that are managed to ensure sustainability and biodiversity, and they used the treads reclaimed from the original stairs. 

The furnishings themselves are diverting items from landfills too. Each of the restaurant chairs is made from 111 recycled Coca-Cola bottles. The tables were rescued from another establishment that was closing down, saving them from landfills and giving them a new lease on life. ​And in the bathrooms, they sourced each second-hand sink online. A beautiful unique cladding design was created for an internal wall by cutting and fitting irregular offcut shapes of wood salvaged from the old staircase. 

All in all, Apricity is setting an example other establishment should strive to achieve. Their aim is to not only meet acceptable levels of responsibility towards sustainability, but to work hard to find best practice and to share these learnings. This is an establishment to celebrate and enjoy. 

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