Make the Most of Your Summer with Exciting August Events at Vonder

At Vonder, every month is an opportunity to create memories, make meaningful connections, and start living your best life. As we jump into the final weeks of summer, we’re thrilled to share even more exciting events to elevate your co-living experience. Join us for our August events! 

Mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy your passions and connect with like-minded souls. Check out our August events that will leave you inspired, refreshed, and eagerly anticipating what's next on the horizon!

Wembley Events:

Wine o’clock (4th of August, 5pm) – Start your weekend with the rich flavors of a glass of wine and some good company. Join us in the communal kitchen area at Merevale House. Sip, savor, and socialize as you mingle with fellow residents. 

Picnic Party (10th of August, 6.30pm ) - Get ready to bask in the sun, feel the grass beneath your feet, and enjoy a delightful spread of delicious treats in our backyard! Join us in the playground in the back of the building for an evening of relaxation and delightful company. 

Karaoke and Drinks (11th of August, 6.30 pm) – Unleash your inner superstar and come sing your favorite tunes at this awesome Karaoke party in the Members’ Lounge in Fridman House on the 14th floor. Whether you love to belt it out or prefer to cheer on your fellow residents, its sure to be a night of fun and laughter. 

Community Cultural Food Exchange Night (18th of August, 6.30 pm)  – Indulge in a feast of new tastes and experiences. Learn about other cultures and share your own. Join us in the communal kitchen area at Merevale House for a night of culinary delights! This is a fabulous opportunity to learn and connect with our vibrant and eclectic community.

Makeup Session with Maila (24th of August, 6.30 pm)  – Discover your beauty palette and join us for an exclusive makeup session with our very own talented Vonder resident, Maila. Learn new techniques through a hands-on journey to enhance your natural radiance. 

The Network Club with Guest Speaker Akeel (25th of August ) – Open yourself up to new possibilities and gain insights from our fascinating in-house guest speaker, Akeel, at The Network Club. A fellow Vonder resident, Akeel is an experienced and certified Reiki healer. Join us in the co-working space at Fridman House as we discover ways to nurture our own personal growth to reach its highest potential.  


DIY Monday Brunch Station (Every Monday, 12pm) –  Head to the communal kitchen area at Merevale House co living London complex for a DIY cooking experience. Let your inner culinary artist shine as we cook and prepare brunch together.  Tap into the creative outlet of cooking with fellow residents and together, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Hatha Yoga with Anisha (Every Wednesday, 6.45 pm) - Experience a moment to unwind and recharge with our weekly Hatha Yoga sessions led by Anisha. Join us in the meeting room of the co-working space at Fridman House and discover inner serenity with this ancient practice. Improve your flexibility, find inner peace, and connect with your breath alongside fellow Vonder residents.


Hill House Events:


Yoga or Pilates (Alternating Every Wednesday, 7pm) - Ignite your inner strength and flexibility as you join us every Wednesday at Hill House for revitalizing yoga or Pilates sessions. Skilled instructors lead us to experience the incredible balance between strength and relaxation, creating a space for mental clarity. 


Pilates and Prosecco on The Rooftop Terrace (16th of August, 7 pm) - Join us on the stunning rooftop terrace of Hill House for an evening of fitness and relaxation. Rejuvenate your body and indulge in a refreshing glass of Prosecco amidst the beautiful sunset. Reconnect with familiar faces and forge new friendships at this enjoyable evening that welcomes everyone. 

Our August events allow you to relax, meet like-minded people, and live your best life.  If you’re interested in joining our Vonder community, check out our furnished flats to rent in central London or our co living Leeds options. Our properties are designed for convenience and ease with on-site amenities and facilities, a built-in community and support team - creating safe, comfortable, and inspiring environments.

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