Organic September 2021

Organic September aims to bring together consumers, farmers and business owners in order to promote organic produce and farming practices.

As climate change becomes more of a reality, as we battle an increase in diet related illnesses and as we struggle to maintain precious and essential natural ecosystems and wildlife - the need to take a closer look at organic farming (and eating) becomes more pressing than ever before. 

With this in mind we have rounded up some of the major reasons why organic produce is a great buy all year round.

Organic farming 

- respects natural biodiversity and wildlife

- is a more sustainable approach to farming and agriculture

- ensures high animal welfare standards

- reduces pesticides exposure

- grows safe, high-quality food 

- helps reduce agricultural emissions

- has a smaller carbon footprint and effect than non-organic farming

To celebrate Organic September we have made a list of some of the best organic restaurants in London. Explore the best of the best in terms of organic produce, slow food and farm to table dining. The UK has some great organic farms leading the way in reminding us how important it is to know where our food is coming from, and how it was grown. 

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is a stand-out, as a restaurant in its own right and even more so for its commitment not only to organic produce but to small producers and ethical producers as well. Their food is rustic Italian meets seasonal British cooking and a lot of their ingredients come from the Haye Farm in Devon. This is slow cooking at its best.

The Rosemary in New Cross Gate has great Hungarian, organic food. We also love that their aim is to make sure their organic food is affordable and accessible, a mighty commitment in a capital city, but we love them and their food even more for it.

The Duke of Cambridge was the UK’s first certified organic pub. Known for its commitment to sustainability, organic produce and great, hearty meals it is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of organic wine, and fresh fish from Cornwall, alongside organic vegetables from their own farm in Devon. 

However you choose to celebrate Organic September, we hope it leads to a larger commitment from all of us to choose food that is not only grown sustainably but which is better for us too.  

At Vonder we believe in a sustainable approach to how we live, work and play - a belief and vision that runs throughout the planning and managing of all of our co-living complexes. 

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