Our Time on Earth Exhibition Addressing the Climate Crisis

Through art, design, science, music and philosophy, London’s latest exhibition is here to celebrate the power of global creativity to transform the climate crisis.

Our Time on Earth presents 18 curated works, including 12 new commissions, from 12 countries around the world to create a series of innovative new collaborations. It opens a conversation to examine this viewpoint from multiple global perspectives, look at the positive possibilities of an alternative future, and embrace the wonder of the natural world.

The exhibition has been created and produced by Barbican International Enterprises, curated by Barbican curator Luke Kemp with guest curators Kate Franklin and Caroline Till. The exhibition is co-produced with Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City, Canada, where it will open from 15 June - 17 December 2023, before continuing its international tour. As the exhibition has been designed to travel, all materials used can be recycled, reused or are biodegradable.

The idea behind this exhibition is to bring together academics, architects, artists, activists, designers, ecologists, engineers, environmental campaigners, researchers, scientists, technologists, and writers, and highlight the need to work in collaboration to tackle climate change together. 

The exhibition is focused on three interconnected sections– Belong, Imagine and Engage, and ultimately is designed to create a shift in consciousness, and hopefully change the way we think about the natural world, and how we live within it. 

The three sections are described as the following:

BELONG explores our connection to other species and the understanding of our place in the biosphere.

IMAGINE explores positive possibilities in a near-future world based on a new value system.

ENGAGE encourages us and shares how we can take collective action for widespread systemic change. 

Our Time on Earth aims to inspire awe and wonder for our beautiful planet and encourages visitors to take an active role, the hope is that visitors will leave feeling empowered and ready to make positive changes in their lives.

The exhibition is taking place at The Curve, Barbican Centre until Monday 29th of August. It really is not one to be missed, head over to their website to book tickets!

Ultimately it really is Our Time on Earth, and we need to come together to work in collaboration to tackle climate change together, before it’s too late.

We at Vonder recognise the importance of sustainability and a positive focus on our environment within our co-living locations. We strive to put sustainability as a focus for our communities within an all inclusive living environment. 

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