Restore Calm to your Life with an anatomē Workshop

Botanicals and essential oils are being recognised more and more for their potential in supporting emotional and physical health. anatomē is visiting Vonder Wembley to share their knowledge on the subject and help us all to restore calm into our lives.

The team of aromacologists and nutritionists at anatomē have carefully developed their formulations to bring balance to modern lifestyles. Expertly blended botanical ingredients have been chosen for their positive effect on sleep, diet, skincare and overall health, so that you can start to feel better. More than a wellness brand, anatomē is the whole package. Using aromatherapy, aromachology - the study of the influence of odours on human behaviours, as well as collaborating with sports scientists and dermatologists, anatomē is bringing forth a full range of products. 

We are thrilled to introduce these products to our Vonder community. Wembely Vonderers are invited to join us to sip away on anatomē’s powerful tea fusions while taking part in an interactive wellbeing quiz, which gives insight into your health and guides you to understanding essential oils and your needs better. anatomē has researched the finest tea extracts to support your health and select ingredients to support your balance, energy levels and respiration.

On top of that we’ll be taking part in an oil blending workshop. Research shows that essential oils are more powerful in combination than when they act alone and that's where the act of blending multiple comes in. anatomē essential oils are deliberately complex, much like perfumes.
Taking place on the 4th of November in Wembley’s members lounge, this is promising to be an informative and unique event, definitely not one to be missed. Head over to your app for the full details.

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