New Serene Lookout at Battersea Roof Gardens

In the heart of the hustle and bustle that is London, a hidden gem has emerged, offering a serene respite from the city's constant energy. James Corner Field Operations has designed the Battersea Roof Gardens roofscape – a magnificent oasis that graces the 16th floor of the Battersea Roof Gardens Residence. In a dramatic urban paradise, nature, and architectural ingenuity come together to create a sanctuary of tranquility and community.

Imagine stepping into an elevated lush plain, where the hum of city life mellows into a gentle rustling of leaves and the fragrant blooms of carefully curated plant life. The new Battersea Roof Gardens rooftop garden beckons with various inviting nooks and sitting areas, each thoughtfully placed and designed. Whether residents seek a peaceful patch of grass for contemplative moments, an open space for yoga practice, or to set out on a rooftop run, this new and beautifully designed space offers it all for coliving and well-being. 

Battersea Roof Gardens is a residential building located alongside the recently renovated Battersea Power Station. The residential marvel is designed by the renowned Foster + Partners and is expected to encompass over 4,000 homes upon completion. The rooftop garden, created and designed by James Corner Field Operations, is a total of 2,694 square meters, making it one of London’s most extensive residential roof gardens.

The dramatic rooftop garden is not merely a space for individual solace; it is a space for connecting with others. Amidst charming pockets of greenery and blooming plants this space was designed for lounging in solitude as well as social events. Residents can enjoy a range of seating areas including wooden sun loungers, and even a community dining table. An impressive fifty-five majestic trees and a staggering twenty-three thousand perennial plants, create an incredible atmosphere for communal living and togetherness.

While the garden's offerings during the day are gorgeous and full of opportunity, the breathtaking skyline views make this urban oasis really stand out. The meandering River Thames, the iconic Battersea Power Station's towering chimneys, and the sprawling mosaic of London itself – all visible from this lofty vantage point. As the sun dips below the horizon, the garden transforms. Subtle lighting permeates the landscape with a romantic and soothing ambiance. The nights at the Battersea Roof Gardens are an experience of calm and magic.

The attraction of the Battersea Roof Gardens doesn't stop there. Residents also enjoy a dramatic panorama with the all-glass Lift 109, an architectural masterpiece designed by Ralph Applebaum Associates. This elevator transports visitors 109 meters into the sky, featuring views across the entire city of London.

Battersea Roof Gardens rooftop sanctuary perfectly encapsulates the essence of coliving London, offering its residents an exceptional experience that seamlessly integrates community and tranquility. It's a testament to architectural brilliance, the beauty of nature, and a touch of London's enchantment – all wrapped into a single, remarkable package.

Whether you're considering co-living in London or searching for furnished flats to rent in Central London  that offer something different, at Vonder we believe in fostering spaces for community and wellbeing. The new Battersea Roof Gardens is more than just a garden. It's a lookout into a world where relaxation, camaraderie, and breathtaking views come together to enhance the lives of Londoners from all over. 

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