Staying Fit, Online: At-home workouts for all fitness levels

Exercise has huge benefits for all of us. We know this. Keep fit, at home, with our online workouts. 

We know that exercise helps us maintain or lose weight, it also means we are at less risk of developing certain conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It helps us feel great, because it boosts our mood and generally makes us feel better about ourselves. The evidence shows exercise helps us sleep better, boosts our concentration and cognitive skills, and overall just makes our bodies and minds healthier, stronger and more alert.

The Obstacles

Staying fit and maintaining your regular exercise routine is not always easy during periods of lockdowns. Especially if your exercise routine usually depends on being able to get to a gym regularly. 


Staying fit in lockdown can be difficult if your routine depends ob a gym. Image by Luis Vidal.

Winter also poses its own set of challenges when it comes to exercising outside: rain, and cold, and sometimes snow too. It is hard to feel motivated when the elements seem to be working against us and our need to get up, get out and move. 

So at a time, when we are facing forced periods of time inside more than ever, we actually should be getting out and exercising more, but our ability to do this is even more limited. Let’s not even talk about the impact lockdowns have on motivation and our ability to get ourselves up and moving.  

The Solution

This is where home workouts come in. We love in-person workouts, and exercise classes. We built many of our co-living complexes around their private gyms, and facilities for communities to come together and exercise together. But these are different times, and like everyone else we are adapting with the situation and doing what we can, not just to keep our communities connected but keep them fit and physically active too.


This is where home workouts come in. Image by Jonathan Borba.

Which is why we were super excited to host @theathletemethod and their super star athletes to Vonder for a 30 minute Full Body HIIT workout. 

We loved that this workout was designed for all fitness levels, and we loved that at 30 minutes it is the perfect length for an in-home workout. It really showed that staying fit at home doesn’t have to be difficult or even that hard, and in the short term connecting to an online class or workout can still be a great and effective way to exercise from home. 

Visit our Instagram page to access the workout video!

Vonder's co-living flats are designed to be spacious, this means they have plenty of room for you to exercise at home. Whether it's yoga, HIIT, or one of our online workout videos, our community is coming together now more than ever before to exercise, stay fit and ultimately, connect with each other. 

In normal times, we are also able to offer in-person workout classes in our private gyms. Many of our co-living London, Berlin and Warsaw complexes include a private gym for residents. 

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