The Pros and Cons of Being an Expat

Being an expat: is that the life for you?

Life is big, a lot bigger than just one place or one culture. The fun and excitement of travel can have its challenges: really broadening your horizons means staying long enough to get to know places, people, and the ways of thinking that emerge from where they meet. Life means more when it’s deeper than a snapshot of a moment in the sun.

You’re always and never at home

Will you miss your family, friends, loved ones? Yes. Of course you will. That’s what moving abroad does, though. However you’ll create new friendships, and build new communities along the way. The downside is that wherever you wind up, you’ll be missing someone, or someplace. But you will find within yourself what home means to you. And you may surprise yourself by realizing that home is a part of who you are more than any one place or just a single group of people. That’s the essence of being an expat. You expand your definitions of yourself and what means the most to you. 

Language leads to leaps of understanding

Every language holds more than just the simple meaning of everyday words: culture, history, the surrounding environment. With each new language you learn, even partially, you understand more about the human experience. You emerge from your well-trodden mental paths and see the world in a new way.

Is it hard? Yes. Embarrassing? Definitely. You might find people mimicking your mistakes or your accent. There will be some language bloopers that will be hilarious later, but really aren’t fun just now. That’s okay. Being an expat, you’re not just here for “easy”. It’s all part of the memories you’re making, and your path forward into a wider world. You’re learning, and you’re tougher and more adaptable than you thought.


Understand more about the human experience. Image by Sincerely Media.


It’s no secret that flexibility and the nomad life mean the ability to chase new dreams, and yes, catch some of them, some of the time. You could have found the perfect job or built your business way back home, perhaps. Or perhaps your market wouldn’t exist, or your clients would be too far away, or your suppliers would remain a mystery, or old habits and old ways would hold you back. Only you know what you need. And when you took that first step out the door, you knew you were headed for something you had high hopes of achieving. That’s what gets it done: high hopes, high spirits, and eyes on the prize.

Are you built for this?

Not everyone is. Sit down and think about the chances you’re willing to take. Do you have everything you need around you? Maybe you’ll lose it all. Maybe you’re stuck where you are, because this and because that. Or maybe, maybe it’s time to take the risks and win the rewards. Break out of your so-called destiny and make your own. You don’t have to be rooted in place. You’re not a tree. People have always wandered, settled, and moved on again. Being an expat is not new, but it can be your new. It’s worth knowing what’s out there, even if you do go home in the end. You are a part of great traditions, but you are also the future. The future we’re dreaming of won’t come to us on its own if all we do is wait. Go make it happen.

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