Time to Clean Up Cleaning

Vonder is thrilled to announce its latest partnerships, this time we’re focusing on cleaning and teaming up with Homethings and smol. 

Sustainability and caring for the planet has always been close to Vonder’s heart, so when Homethings came along, it truly was a match made in heaven!
With a typical cleaning spray being 95% water, Homethings just couldn’t see the logic. Why pay for, and ship water, when it's possible to send just the product? And why provide products in a single-use plastic bottle? Homethings has set out to reinvent the way we clean and we at Vonder are all for it! 

The outline of their promise to their customers is:

No Liquid Things - We will never ship water.
No Single-Use Plastic - We will never use single-use plastic.
No Nasty Things - We will never use harmful ingredients - see the list
No Greenwashing - We will never use claims that we believe to be misleading.
No Animal Products - We are always vegan + cruelty-free certified.
No Unknown Things - We will produce our formulas with manufacturers in the UK and EU and know the source of our raw materials.

In a nutshell, every Homethings product is cruelty-free, non-toxic and vegan, free from single-use plastic and of course, no shipping water. We’re excited to offer all Vonderers a 25% discount off of your first order, as well as 1 free sample of dishwasher tablets and 1 free sample of laundry pods, head over to the App for details. 

As Homethings say “It’s time to Rethink What’s Under Your Sink”, taking care of our planet is something we all can be doing. With Homething’s powerful, planet-positive products you’re one step closer to a happier planet.

Likewise, Vonder couldn’t resist teaming up with smol. As they say “No gimmicks, no magic tricks, no cheesy advertising. Just straightforward and honest high performance, eco-friendly cleaning products”.
With smol you can have both efficacy and affordability. They champion plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging wherever possible. If not possible, they make sure to use post-consumer waste that’s fully recyclable or returnable for reuse or create bottles for life.

At smol, they are proud to say that:

 - Their products are super concentrated despite using lower levels of added chemicals
 - They use less packaging and choose more environmentally friendly materials
 - Less chemicals means less production and transportation in our materials
 - Smaller capsules mean more washes per pack, and more packs on each truck. Delivery to your door gives you one less reason to drive to the supermarket.

Vonderers have the opportunity to save on these awesome products too! Head over to the app to find out more details.

Happy cleaning!

We at Vonder recognise the importance of sustainability and planet care within our co-living spaces, we aim to collaborate with companies who share our vision.
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