Veganuary: January 2021

This January get on board with Veganuary: a lifestyle and awareness campaign to encourage a Vegan diet.

Since it was founded in 2014, Veganuary has helped more than 1 million people across 192 countries give Veganism a try throughout the month of January.


Veganuary Logo.

Their aim is to continue to work with organizations and businesses, to promote veganism in shops and restaurants and to increase the number of available vegan food options, while educating people about the benefits and importance of a Vegan diet. 

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a way of living which avoids completely the consumption or use of animal products. Veganism means not eating meat, eggs, dairy products and any other food that comes from an animal. It also means avoiding clothes, or shoes, made from animal products. Vegans do not use anything that comes from an animal. 


A completely plant-based diet. Image byAnna Pelzer. 

The philosophy behind Veganism is driven by a belief in protecting the lives and wellbeing of animals and other living creatures. It also means not visiting places or venues that use animals in the name of entertainment.  Compassion for all living things is a central tenet of the movement, as well as an overriding desire to protect an environment from harm and destruction. For many Veganism is also a means of activism, and a way to promote a more sustainable lifestyle with environmental protection at its core. 

There is some research to suggest that adopting a Vegan diet can also lead to a healthier diet. A vegan diet, when planned correctly, can be high in nutrients, and fibre as well as lower in saturated fat. A healthy Vegan diet will include plenty of fruit and vegetables and less processed foods. But it also involves understanding the nutrients and minerals necessary for a healthy, complete diet and the foods they can be found in when avoiding animal products completely. 

This diet has become more popular throughout the years, with new restaurants opening with a strictly vegan menu, as well as existing restaurants adapting certain meals to individuals practicing a vegan lifestyle.


Restaurants opening with a strictly vegan menu. Image by FitNish Media.

At Vonder, we believe in sustainability. We believe in building lifestyles that understand the importance of protecting our planet. We support our community however they choose to do this. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our communities, and their commitment to healthier and more aware lifestyles, across all of our co-living London, Berlin and Warsaw locations.

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