Vonder Partners with Balance Box for Better Meals

Get healthy, ready-made rejuvenating meals delivered to your doorstep with a Vonder exclusive discount as the cherry on top.

Do you know how much time you spend planning, shopping, chopping and cooking meals? Neither do we, but we can guarantee it's a lot! And there’s really no need for it. With our latest partnership we’re solving this problem and offering you nutritious, ready to eat meals delivered directly to your door! Balance Box - an all-in-one solution to getting wholesome meals and saving you precious time. 

We know how busy life can get. Sometimes it feels like the question of “What’s for dinner” does not even make the to-do list, leaving you rummaging in the fridge or grabbing the first thing you see when you feel hungry.  Studies show that one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight is lack of time. Just like anything else you want to achieve, nutritious and balanced eating habits require planning. At Vonder we understand that this struggle is real and are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our co living London residents.

As a Vonder resident you are now eligible for exclusive discounts on Balance Box meals. With Balance Box, all your meals for the day are planned, cooked, and delivered right to you.  Each controlled meal is designed by nutritionists to include all food groups, packed with the nutrients you need. The hard work may be done for you, but there is still room to make it your own.  Choose your own portion size with the ‘Lighter Plan’ for those aiming to cut calories  or the ‘Market Plan’ for the calorie conscious eaters.

The menu plans offer a variety of choices, so you're not stuck eating the same thing every day.  Select between the most popular Classic, Vegetarian, Pescetarian (without the meat) or Plant Based (animal- product and gluten free) Boxes. Each delicious dish is made by chefs using fresh and organic ingredients. You’ll be sure to find a menu that suits your culinary preference. It’s no wonder customers call Balance Box “A Dieter's Dream!”.

The best part is there are no pots and pans to wash, or sauce to clean off the stove! So when you have finished your meal you can continue to go about your day, saving you even more time. Visit Balance Box today and start ordering meals that your body will love.

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