Vonder Partners with YiFang

Vonder and YiFang are partnering up to offer Vonderers the best of Taiwanese tea, food, and desserts. 

We are thrilled to announce another one of our exciting partnerships in Wembley, this time with YiFang - connecting you to the best of Taiwanese beverages and food. Their most popular item on the menu is their fruit tea, which is made from a secret formula coming from the owner’s grandmother - Yi-Fang. She invented the secret recipe behind their famous drink, the YiFang Fruit Tea, by adding her secret preserved pineapple jam to the tea. The company was named in her honour.​  But every item on the menu is worth exploring, giving you another hint to its wonderful flavour. Best of all, everything is made with only natural ingredients and no artificial flavours, giving you an unparalleled, authentic experience.

Here at Vonder, we are all about exploring all facets of the city - and this is your chance to do that at a discounted price. All our Wembley tenants will get an exclusive discount on all bubble teas, warm and cold food, and desserts. The offer is in store, so you will get to experience the lovely atmosphere of this unique place. But don’t worry, you need not travel far to try out these delicious, traditional foods and drinks - because they’re in the building with us! Head down to the ground floor to experience the warmth and nostalgia of early-Taiwanese hospitality. 

In line with our continued commitment to supporting local businesses, YiFang connects you with local food in your area. We love this support for local people within our communities, and the amazing services they can provide for our co living London residents. 

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