Water Saving Week May 2021

What are we saving the water for?

Just our lives, the natural world, and the future of humanity, that’s all!

Sounds dramatic but it is the reality, and no joke. We do need to cut back on wasteful water usage, and we ought to think about whether we absolutely need that extra inch of water in the bath, that extra ten minutes singing in the shower, and that absentmindedly running tap while we do the dishes.

When we think about the Earth, we picture a lovely blue planet. Mostly water in fact! But not that many litres of those wide expanses of blue water are usable for humans and wildlife, and a lot of it is not safe to drink, whether because it’s salt water, or because of pollution.

So in our busy lives, let’s take just this week as a bit of a reflective period as to how we (personally, collectively, and in our business lives) can do our bit to save water and save the Earth. And of course, more than just considering what we might do, let’s do it.

Where do we start?

Begin at home, isn’t that what we’re always told. Let’s have a look around and have a think. Can’t speak for all flats, especially in London, but most do have a kitchen! What’s in yours?

The Dishwasher

Lucky you, you’ve got a dishwasher. Now, is it on an eco setting? Your dishwasher probably has one. Have a read of the manual or just stare at the buttons until you find it. That’ll save a bit of water.

What else? Add a tap aerator, if you can. What does that do? Reduces the flow of water while keeping up the water pressure. Essentially, just as clean for the dishes, and less water wasted.

And, try to fill it as full as you can before running it.

The Laundry

Check which particular cycles on the washing machine are most water-efficient, if that’s an option. And, do try to use the maximum capacity: stuff in a few extra tee shirts, or if you have a pile of socks that have been living on the floor. Make the most of the energy and water you’re already using.

Drinking Water

And back to ordinary drinking water, which we do hope will continue to be in plentiful supply. What can we do to save some of that?

  1. Fill the kettle with just as much water as you need. No more.
  2. Have some tap water in a large bottle in the fridge (if you like it cold). No need to buy ready bottled water.
  3. Give any plants you have a drink with leftover drinking water, rather than spilling it out.
  4. Use the lid on saucepans to reduce water loss via evaporation. This will also help food cook more quickly.

And, believe it or not, what you do can make a difference. 

Saving the planet starts at home

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