Wembley Park’s All-Women Art Trail

This incredible art trail in Wembley Park showcases the best of art by female artists around the world. 

Wembley Park is constantly evolving, having developed from a place only known for Wembley Stadium to being a neighbourhood known for so much more. Now working with leading artists and contributors to showcase a free public gallery of art and culture, Wembley Park is a diverse and vibrant neighbourhood.

This time, the revolutionary and expansive project that has taken the area over was curated and designed completely by a team of 16 women. Made up of pieces across several mediums, there is a wide range of art available, including paints, upcycled materials, digital artwork, lighting installations, typography, graphic design, photography and illustration. The trail spreads out across eight major outdoor sites around Wembley, from the Bobby Moore Bridge and the Spanish Steps to the Market Square. Depending on your pace, you can cover the trail in about 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

Called ‘Figures of Change’, its theme is ‘How Beautiful Change Can Truly Be.’ Zoë Allen of Artistic Statements, who curated the trail, found pieces that reflect this. The theme can be understood in several ways, from the evolution of Wembley Park to the changes Londoners have had to face. But another clear message implied in the theme is in the fact that the trail launched on International Women’s Day and is purely designed by women. The artwork reflects ‘break the bias’, exploring the desire for change in the way society perceives women. One participating artist, Laxmi Hussain, took the theme literally; she left a section of her work free for visitors to add their own contribution and change her art. The piece is called ‘Landscapes of Women’ and can be found at the Splay Steps. 

Open until the 26th of June, this art trail is a reflection of the efforts we as a society continuously make to effect change in our communities. After you have taken in the sights, ask yourself what you can do to make a difference. What are the issues closest to your heart? What most needs to happen to create a more harmonious society? Whatever that change is, it is time to make it happen. 

Aside from the art trail, Wembley Park features a year-long programme of free public events. Recent highlights include a music festival for street performers, an immersive light festival, and public art exhibitions. It is also home to Boxpark, which hosts an incredibly diverse range of food offerings, cultural events, and leisure activities. Wembley Park matches the theme of its art trail perfectly: it knows all about change. 

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