World Art Day, April 2021

We are excited to celebrate World Art Day 2021! 

What is World Art Day?

Founded by UNESCO in 2019, the goal of World Art Day is to promote the creation, sharing and enjoyment of art on both a local and global scale. 

World Art Day recognises the importance of art, and a celebration of art, as important for healthy, vibrant and diverse communities and societies to flourish and grow. It recognizes the importance of art and creative expression, not just in the lives of artists, but in the lives of all of us. 

World Art Day aims to bring people together through a shared enjoyment of art, building connections, and promoting a world in which we are all free to express ourselves, our feelings, and our emotions, through art and creative expression. 

World Art Day is about promoting art in local communities, in schools, and across countries. It is not just about exhibiting art, and about providing spaces for artists to exhibit, it is also about encouraging dialogue between people, holding workshops and lectures on art and its role in our lives, and in our social, and political lives too.


World Art Day recognises the importance and  celebration of art. Image Rhonda K.

Why is World Art Day so important?

World Art Day is important for many reasons. 

  1. For supporting and sustaining local artists by giving them a platform for their creative content
  2. For bringing art into local communities, and schools, and helping to spread awareness about not only art, but the ideas and emotions the art expresses and shares
  3. For encouraging dialogue between different groups of people, based on their perception of an art piece or exhibit. It is important for widening people’s minds, and experiences beyond their own. 
  4. It’s about encouraging and promoting diversity and inclusion through art. 
  5. For placing art within the context of promoting sustainability, at both a local and global level. Many artists are committed to raising awareness about sustainability, while also applying sustainable practices to how they create their art. 
  6. It is about making art more accessible, and available to anyone who wishes to enjoy it. 

How to celebrate World Art Day in London this year?

We are excited to share a great way to embrace World Art Day in London this year. Wander Art, launched in Mayfair and Belgravia, is taking a very creative approach to showcasing local artists, and bringing art to the people. 

Wander Art, is London’s largest outdoor art gallery. It spans across Mayfair and Belgravia, and showcases the outdoor art of 12 international artists. It can be enjoyed on foot, and it is the perfect, and safest way, to access some really innovative and exciting art this World Art Day. 

This creative tour includes installations, galleries, shops, and restaurants showcasing art and installation pieces. From artists creating using only natural resources, to illustrators and printmakers, to painters, designers and sculptors. The diversity of the art on display is truly breathtaking, and we are excited that the 12 artists represented come from both London, and all over the world. 

To learn more about the artists involved in Wander Art, and their specific work, visit

At Vonder we believe in the power of art and creation to help share experiences, and raise awareness and education in an ever changing world. We support local artists, and their vision for building a better world through art, and we believe all our communities are richer, and stronger, when we embrace the beauty and power of art in our lives. 

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