World Environment Day 5th June 2021

#GENERATIONRESTORATION is the theme of this year’s UN World Environment Day.

This 5th of June, World Environment Day will kick-off what is planned to be a decade of Ecosystem Restoration spearheaded by the UN. 

Join World Environment Day this year through a series of virtual and physical events and activities designed to promote not only environmental awareness and best practices, but also the importance of ecosystem restoration. 

What is ecosystem restoration?

Ecosystem restoration is about prioritising returning ecosystems and habitats back to their preserved states. It can mean replanting trees to rejuvenate forests and woodlands once cleared for other purposes, it can mean investing in greener cities (greener infrastructure, more environmentally friendly transport networks, more sustainable energy production networks), it can mean developing green spaces and rewilding areas that were previously developed from their natural state. It means encouraging people to adjust their diets, and choosing more sustainable ones. It also involves a commitment to cleaning and protecting the condition of our rivers and oceans. 

Ecosystem restoration is about correcting the damage caused to the planet by development and lifestyle choices. 

Why is ecosystem restoration so important?

It is important because it can make a difference, and a very real and tangible one. Ecosystem restoration can help with efforts to keep global warming under check, and help countries manage the impact of climate change. It can also help with the achievement of all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals to be met by 2030. 

Restoring habitats can slow down and in some instances prevent specific extinctions. The world’s forests are still some of the largest habitats for the world’s animal species. They are also more than just habitats, the world’s forests provide drinking water for ⅓ of the world’s largest cities. 

Replanting trees in cities, along city streets can help reduce summer temperatures for urban residents, from anywhere between 0.5 and 2 degrees Celsius. 

Ecosystem restoration is critical if we are to prevent further environmental degradation and restore the planet we all call home. 40% of the world’s population is currently affected by environmental degradation - that’s 3.2 billion people whose livelihood or well-being are negatively affected by it. 

Every part of our planet, from the forests, to the oceans is under threat. Stopping or slowing the damage is no longer enough, there has to also be a commitment to restoration. 

The Bonn Challenge aims to restore 350 million hectares of deforested land globally, with the intended outcome of creating up to $9 trillion in benefits, both social and economic. This in turn will lead to improved food security, and improved life outcomes for millions of people. 

This World Environment Day makes a pledge to understand what ecosystem restoration is, and how it benefits all the planet’s residents - even those of us living in cities. Join a World Environment Day event, or look for ways to begin with ecosystem restoration both within your city, community and local neighbourhood.

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