World Meditation Day 21st May 2021

Unwind. Relax. Meditate. 

Meditation. Mindfulness. Two important words and approaches to relaxation that we are getting more familiar with this World Meditation Day. 

Life can be tough. Balancing work demands and stresses, with the need for a more relaxed and meaningful life, is difficult for all of us. Throw in times of global crisis, or just the normal ups and downs of life, and sometimes our normal ways of destressing just aren’t cutting it.

Mindfulness promotes an approach to relaxation, and living, which prioritises connecting with our thoughts and our bodies by focusing in the moment. Focusing on what our body can sense around us, being in tune to how our body is responding through our senses is the crux of meditation.


Contrary to often popular belief, mindfulness and meditation are not about blocking out thoughts and feelings. On the contrary, they are about reconnecting with our bodies and minds in a way that lets us focus on the now, on what we can control, and in the process gaining greater perspective and clarity on our internal and external thoughts and experiences. 

Mediation is about recognizing what is making us stressed, what is consuming us with worry, and then understanding how to manage it in a way that is healthy for us. Sometimes this means letting thoughts go, other times it means understanding ways to address them in a way we can control. 

Meditation can happen anywhere - all you need a quiet space. For those new to the practice there are a number of apps available to get you started, from Headspace to Calm. Some people believe in meditation with music or sounds, for others complete silence is essential to their meditation experience. 


Simply taking the time to unplug, relax and indulge in some self-care is part of the process of understanding meditation and its importance. Anything, healthy, that helps us to calm down and disengage from the stresses of the world, and our lives, is along the same lines as meditation and mindfulness. 

An important part of meditation is understanding what we can control, and what we can not. We may not be able to control all external events that have a hold over us, but we can learn to control our responses to them. 


This meditation day, whether you make a commitment to taking up regular meditating, or simply download a meditation app to see what it is all about, or even just make a decision to take time out to relax more - we hope it leads to a more relaxed, less stressful you. 

At Vonder we believe in an approach to living that prioritises wellbeing. Our co-living apartments are not only beautifully-designed, but are planned with our residents wellbeing in mind too. This is true across all of our locations - co-living London, Berlin, Warsaw and Dubai. 

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