Yinka Ilori’s Splash of Colour in London

How a standard industrial-style unit was transformed into a bright and lively flexible workspace by the one and only Yinka Ilori.

When you think of an art gallery, often visions similar to a library come to mind. A hushed, dull space where the art and the space are two very separate elements. But designer Yinka Ilori had very different ideas when it came to his space. Within his studio it is difficult to tell where the art begins and where it ends, it’s all one beautiful, vibrant place of colour, life and inspiration.

"We wanted to rethink what an artists' studio is and look at how we could experiment with space to create a flexible and multifunctional environment that could respond to the different needs," said Yinka when describing his vision. 

Yinka Ilori collaborated with British architect Sam Jacob to redesign his studio into the space it is today. He believes that architects should collaborate more with artists and designers to inject a sense of fun into their often-serious projects. His belief in the importance of multidisciplinary creativity is really quite an interesting idea and one that we love the sound of. While vivid colour is Ilori's signature in his work, which includes furniture and art, he insisted there is a greater meaning behind it than simply vibrant aesthetics. "Sometimes I use colour as a way of starting a conversation," explained the designer. "It's quite a nice way of opening up a topic and softening what could be a harsh reality."

Located in Park Royal, London’s largest industrial neighbourhood which is home to a growing number of creatives, Yonka’s studio is only a 20 minute drive north from Vonder Village and south from Vonder Wembley. It really is worth visiting this dynamic, layered space which incorporates the bright colours and playful elements that are characteristic of Yinka’s work.
Within the space are 3 distinctive zones - an office, exhibition and archive space, as well as a communal table and kitchen have been created. Transitory boundaries and partitions including curtains and sliding doors have been erected to create both openness and privacy and ensure a multifunctional environment. This creates flexibility allowing the space to respond to different ways of working, socialising, presenting and sharing.

Yinka’s portfolio of work includes a giant “Love Always Wins” painting on Harrow Council building, the stage design for the Brit Awards, an outdoor gallery trail throughout the streets of Mayfair & Belgravia and so much more.
One thing is for sure, everything Yinka Ilori touches turns to colour, we can’t wait to see what next his palette of colour will touch.

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