Your New Year Resolutions (and how we can help you achieve them)

From staying fit to learning new skills, here are our top 5 picks for New Year resolutions to take on this year - and how we can help you.

Stay fit 

The many health benefits of staying fit explain why it is the most common New Year resolution. Regular exercise combats health diseases, boosts your mood and energy, and promotes better sleep. It can also become a fun hobby or even a social activity. You can achieve your fitness goals by finding a workout class to commit to and that suits your interests. It’s also great to join a fitness studio or gym, where you will be surrounded by like-minded people who also want to focus on their health. 

How we can help: Vonder is hosting Covid-safe workout classes such as yoga and fitness that can help you in your mission to stay healthy. We have on-site fitness studios in many of our living complexes where you you have free access to the gym.

Take care of your mental health

Studies show that millennials tend to have higher rates of depression than other generations. This might be partly because millennials are less likely to have social support than other generations; they are marrying later and are less connected to religious or political communities. Millennials are more likely to feel lonely than previous generations. 

This means that it is more important than ever before to take care of your mental health. Spending time with friends is something you may have taken for granted when you were still in school, but it becomes increasingly difficult to prioritise your friendships in adulthood. Friendships are vitally important, however; in fact, one study found that those who have friends are more likely to live longer.  

If you haven’t reached out to your friends in a while, now is the time. Take a moment to send a text, or better yet, call. Ask how they are doing and when they are available and set a time! If you are not proactive about spending time with your friends, you just won’t. It is also a great idea to find a social support network, from joining a club to finding events in your area. 

How we can help: Our mission is to provide you with a community, which is why we have created many ways for you to get to know people. From our community events to our communal spaces, our co-living solutions give you the opportunity to connect authentically with your neighbours. When your friends are your neighbours, it is much easier to spend time with them! 

Learn a new skill or hobby

If you feel bored with how your life is going now, it’s a great time to learn a new skill. It could be a hobby you used to love but haven’t gotten around to in a long time or a hobby you’ve been meaning to try for years. Either way, learning a new skill exercises your brain and allows you to make new friends. Some ideas for hobbies that are cheap and fun include journaling, learning a new language, gardening, hiking, playing an instrument, cooking, or physical activities like dancing, yoga, running, or kickboxing. All of these hobbies allow you the chance to grow, recharge, and beat boredom. 

How we can help: At Vonder, we provide workshops that give you the chance to learn something new while getting to know your peers at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

Travel more

The world is a big and beautiful place, meant to be explored and discovered. Travelling boosts your creativity, exposes you to new things, and gives you the chance to destress and rest. It also fosters growth through the opportunity to learn about different cultures, food, music, and lifestyles. Reading about a place online is just never the same as experiencing it for yourself. 

Our suggestion is to make a list of your top three places to see and then make an action plan for how you will get there. Figure out how much you need to save, work towards your dream, and make it happen. New year, new places to discover. 

How we can help: With all-inclusive flats to rent in London, Berlin, Dubai, and Warsaw, you have the opportunity to see places you might never have imagined you would. Our flexible living options allow you to stay at one place for 1 month and then visit another one of our locations elsewhere. We believe in the freedom of moving, travelling, and working around the world while always feeling at home. 

Be more environmentally friendly

This earth is the only one we have, so we need to be especially careful to take care of it properly. One way to contribute to positive change is to eat in sustainable restaurants (read our article about sustainable eating in London). Reduce waste by using reusable grocery bags and cutting down on plastic cutlery and paper towels. Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to travel less often or travel by bike instead of by car. 

How we can help: Vonder has bike storage in some of our locations in London, Berlin, and Warsaw. This allows you to bike more, cutting down on public transport and helping you stay fit in the process! When you join all-in-one living, it’s easy to cut down on driving. Vonder's properties are designed for convenience and ease, with on-site amenities including fitness studios, co-working spaces, private theatres, etc. With all this and community events in one place, you can stay home more and take full advantage of all we have to offer.

What are your New Year resolutions this year? What will you be prioritising and what are you going to leave behind? Now is the time to think about the year ahead and plan for your future. 

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