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Classic yet modern, beautiful, inspiring and full of different people and cultures, London is definitely the place to be. The vibrant culinary scene and nightlife are only a part of the city's attractions. To make sure you succeed in this truly amazing city, Vonder offers a variety of homes in prime locations. Become a London Vonderer and enjoy the best urban life you can get.

Our location in London

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Hill House

Hill House brings a new approach to city living. The Tower and the Podium have their own unique feel. And the shared common areas make sure that our residents’ homes extend way beyond their front door.

Become a Vonderer

Vonder isn’t just about the housing, it’s a way of life tailored for digital nomads and young professionals from around the world. If you’re curious, if you’re creative, if you’re even a little bit or a whole lot of an adventurer, a traveler or local, you’re definitely Vonder material.

Come meet a new set of people from around the world – socialize, create and work in one of our many inspiring locations.

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co-living community

Vonder attracts an exciting mix of fun and creative young professionals from around the world. Each of our properties is 

designed with communal spaces where you can be productive and socialize alongside like-minded individuals. From travellers to locals, we’re a thriving community of doers, seekers, creators and adventurers. It’s time you joined us and became a Vonderer too.

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