Dubai 2040 Master Plan Putting Happiness First

Dubai’s growth as a global, urban centre has been fast.

In 1960 the population of this Emirate city was just 40,000. Its population in 2020 stood at 3.3 million and growing. By 2040 the number of its residents is predicted to be 6 million. 

The needs and future of a fast growing city are changing all the time. With this in mind, the city has recently launched its Dubai 2040 Master Plan, which has set a number of key targets and developments for the city to reach as it grows and expands over the next 20 years.

Central to the plan is to make Dubai one of the best places in the world to live, and ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of all of its residents runs through the plan. It is not just about encouraging economic growth, although this is an important part of the plan, it is about providing a great place to live, and somewhere that understands the needs of its future residents.

As part of this plan community and natural spaces in Dubai are set to increase significantly. It will see the development of 400% more beaches and the development of 60% more natural reserves. 

There are also plans to improve accessibility within the city - by 2040 50% of the city is expected to be living just 800m from a public transport option. The plan also includes a 25% increase in the land available for health and educational services. 

As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, one of the most prosperous and one of the most advanced - Dubai’s focus on the happiness and wellbeing of its residents is also unique, making it one of the most successful cities to date.

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