Dubai Expo 2020 now in 2021

Delayed a year, the Dubai Expo 2020 is back in 2021 with more events and activities than ever before. This celebration of local and international culture has something for everyone and promises to excite the senses, open the mind and connect Dubai residents through cultural appreciation.

More than just a local celebration, Dubai is taking the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the international community members that call this Emirate city home, with a number of celebrations for international national days. These events aim to help raise awareness and tolerance about the cultural identity and traditions of people from around the world, serving as a platform for education and discussion. 

This year’s entertainment program will see local and international artists showcase their talents through a series of performances that will represent the broad spectrum of the performance based arts. 

Not to forget the environment - the Expo’s Planet and People program aims to inspire discussion as to how we build a better future, for everyone. A focus on sustainability and healthier lifestyles is the guiding principle behind the program. Creative thinking, better urban planning and a forward thinking future will all be on display at the Expo. 

There will also be opportunities for business discussions and sharing about mutual agreements and relationships to build trade and economic opportunities both within the UAE and the wider world. Through meetings, conventions, exhibits and conversations the business world will have plenty of opportunities to network and build relationships.

Events will be held over three main locations - the Dubai Millennium Auditorium,  the Jubilee Stage, Ghaf Avenue and Al Wasl Plaza which has the world’s largest 360 degree projection surface. 

From October 2021 Dubai will be filled with a series of daily events and activities designed to bring people together in a celebration of everything that is international, while celebrating and promoting the importance of collaboration and cooperation. From music, to dance, family activities and more - Dubai Expo occupies its place as the leading events space in the region. 

To learn more. Events can be discovered by the week and day.

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