Introducing Pop Golf Wembley - the Ultimate Game of Golf

Pop Golf Wembley is designed to bring music and golf lovers together, harnessing the power of pop music, cool set designs, and a great game of golf for maximum impact. 

Pop Golf is a sensation in Wembley, and it’s easy to see why. As the UK’s first pop-themed crazy golf concept, this £1m project from The Purists of Play offers a unique and exciting experience. Each pop-themed course is the replica of a music video set from a different pop sub-genre, with designs ranging from Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ to an '80s Neon Club design. You get the chance to step into your very own music video while you play golf (and share it on Instagram and TikTok, too). Because each set looks uniquely different from the next, you feel as if you are travelling between pop music worlds. 

But exciting set design isn’t all that Pop Golf has to offer. Featuring interactive audio technology, the ‘sound lounge’ offers a high-quality audio experience in between rounds. Not only that, but this game of golf even involves reactive audio technology. Industry expert Tin Drum curated a playlist of new and exclusive music to make this experience even more memorable. 

When you get thirsty, you have a selection of ethically-minded drinks from the mezzanine bar. Your choices include cocktails, Toast lagers and IPAs, KARMA’s organic soda range, green cola, and various snacks. With brands like Flawsome, known for taking surplus fruits left over from farms and turning them into juice, you are supporting more sustainable options at Pop Golf’s bar. Even when the bar was originally designed, the owners made sure that sustainable materials were used as much as possible.

What about golf? As cool as the concept is, it would not be worth much without a fantastic game of golf to play. This is covered too. The entire golf course underwent computer simulations before being made, and world golf champions carried out the final round of testing. This way, golf players of all levels can expect to play a great game of golf. 

Allan Saud, the owner of Pop Golf, said: “Our mission with Pop Golf was to create a rich experience that tells a story. This is not just another standard crazy golf course, this is a celebration of music.

 “From the design to the innovative and sustainable drinks menu, to the team behind it and the brands we’re partnering with, pop music has led the way. We want our guests to rock up to Pop Golf, have an awesome time, and leave feeling that music has the power to change the world!”

Pop Golf is located in Boxpark Wembley, which hosts an incredibly diverse range of food offerings, cultural events, and leisure activities. Located in the centre of Wembley Park, it’s near Wembley Stadium and right next to our co-living Wembley location. We provide the perfect all-in-one living solution there, with beautiful, furnished apartments, one bill that covers all expenses, and a community right at home. When you are looking for the perfect place to live, Wembley has it all, from the most incredible stadium in the world to the best neighbours in your building. Join us in our all inclusive flats to rent in Wembley and learn more about what we have to offer. 


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