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Outdoor living lifts off, and we're here for it

The events of the past year or so have been a massively significant driving force behind the increase in outdoor living and eating areas. As cities move in and out of lockdowns, the one consistent thing is the importance of outdoor spaces where people can come together safely to eat, socialise and interact. 

This in turn has led many local councils and businesses to (finally!) understand the crucial role of outdoor spaces, and the important part they play. Outdoor spaces have not only allowed for some degree of business as usual during the throes of a global pandemic, but they have been a critical factor in maximising the varied public spaces within a city to improve life for all of its residents.

Cities encourage outdoor living

Cities are enthusiastically getting on board with outdoor living spaces in many ways. From London, and the rest of the UK, where pubs have been granted permission to extend their outdoor seating areas into car parks and pavements, to cities such as Vilnius in Lithuania where they are planning to pedestrianise more streets in the capital, in order to create more outdoor living spaces. 

Cities are relaxing restrictions on restaurants and pubs spilling over into pavements and other outdoor areas, and allowing them to develop their outdoor seating. Messy on pedestrian traffic, or a new and glorious open-air vibe? Well, both.

The big perks of outdoor living and eating

Global pandemic and safety aside, outdoor living and eating is an absolute gift for so many reasons. 

Research suggests that outdoor eating dramatically decreases stress levels, and generally contributes to keeping us more relaxed. There is something about experiencing a meal or drink in the outdoors that awakens our senses, and helps us remember what it is we love about the cities we live in. 

Eating in fresh air is good for us. It does so much for our mental and physical health. Especially if you are at work all day in an office, or single space, being able to get out and go for a walk, and enjoy your lunch in some degree of fresh air, will go a long way to improving your day.

Eating outside is just that much more relaxing. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a super green space for it to be relaxing. Simply being outdoors makes us more relaxed, more likely to enjoy our meal, more likely to make us order that extra glass of wine.

Spending more time outdoors means a great deal more Vitamin D exposure. That may seem trivial, but in fact, Vitamin D is increasingly being recognized as something of a miracle mineral, in terms of boosting our immune systems and helping us fight off illness better. 

Outdoor living is just that more pleasant: it increases well-being and allows us to truly immerse our senses in the world around us.

Be prepared for outdoors surprises in outdoor living

It may seem that not every city necessarily has the climate and weather that allows for year-round outdoor living (London rain we are looking at you!) but outdoor living can be all-weather friendly, if you just come prepared.

Dress for the weather: layers when it is cold, less when it is hot. A tremendous scarf serves as a very versatile fashion accessory, and if you've seen about a million hipsters stylin' in scarves, there are quite practical reasons. Shade from sun, a cosily wrapped neck when it gets a bit breezy, or if you aren't particular about a bit of dirt on it, it can double as a picnic blanket for sitting on the grass.

As outdoor living takes hold more and more, restaurants and other venues are doing what they can to improve their outdoor areas: from rain awnings, to outdoor fans and heaters, there are plenty of ways to make outdoor living possible all year round. 

The rise of outdoor living is also a great excuse to invest in a really great pair of sunglasses, and that wide-brimmed hat you haven't quite been able to convince yourself to budget for.

At Vonder we believe in community. We believe in communal spaces, and utilizing all the space within a city for the benefit of all its residents, whether that is for living, working, eating or playing. Our approach to co-living deeply feels the importance of communal spaces, both indoor and outdoor, and we are excited to witness cities change and adapt as they appreciate this too.  

Our co-living London, Berlin, Warsaw and Dubai options are great places to enjoy outdoor living. 

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