Reusable, Durable, and Smart Textiles with Sonovia

Vonder is thrilled to announce its latest partnerships, this time we’re focusing on environmentally friendly textiles with state-of-the-art technology. 

The pollution produced by the textile industry has a huge impact on the planet. Textile production is estimated to be responsible for about 20% of global clean water pollution, as well as a general over consumption of water and natural resources. 

The textiles in our homes and cars also become dirty, meaning we are getting rid of them at an alarming rate. Globally, each year, about 90 million textile items end up in landfills. 

These various kinds of pollution are becoming dangerous, both for the planet and for human beings. And that is why Vonder has teamed up with Sonovia to offer not only products designed to stay cleaner for longer, but products that are produced in an environmentally friendly way. In a nutshell, Sonovia’s proprietary technology provides a safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective process that yields reusable, durable, and practical smart products. What more could we ask for.

Currently Sonovia is offering bed linens, seat covers, and fabric masks amongst other items. These are all created using their innovative technology:

Bed Linens

According to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, 91% of people change their sheets only once every other week. That means 14 nights of close contact with your linens. Germs that harm your skin, cause unpleasant odours, and can even lead to disease are there cuddling up with you for those 14 nights. Even when your linen appears to be clean, it is not. 

Sonovia’s linens have built-in antimicrobial properties that protect the fabric from the growth of microorganisms, keeping it clean and hygienic. 

Seat Covers

It’s interesting to note that many people avoid sitting on public loos, but in reality these seats are often cleaned multiple times a day, whereas train, plane and bus seats are rarely, if ever cleaned. And what is worse, many people go straight from the train or bus to their homes where they then sit down on their couch or bed, bringing with them bacteria and germs from the thousands of previous commuters who have sat, slept and done who knows what on that very same seat. 

Many people are now looking into the option of a travelling seat cover to avoid such cross contamination. Sonovia offers the ultimate compact companion for flights, trains, buses, cinemas, theatres, and any other time you are on the move, crafted with their unique textile in order to enjoy sitting on a clean surface wherever you go.

Fabric Masks

As Corona fades into the background, for many the presence of face masks is something they’ll be taking forward with them. But using a mask that is reusable and planet friendly, as well as healthy for you should be a top priority. Sonovia’s disruptive fabric used to create their masks is infused with antimicrobial agents specifically made to protect the fabric from microbial growth, keeping the fabric clean and hygienic. It is the most comfortable, breathable and fully adjustable mask out there.

We at Vonder recognise the importance of sustainability and planet care within our co-living spaces and strive to partner with brands who share our values.
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