Shaping Society Through Creativity: London Design Festival 2023

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of innovation and creativity at the 2023 London Design Festival. Experience firsthand the profound impact of the art of design. Look out for our very own Vonder art exhibit by Adya Sethi, happening on the 5th of October in the Member’s Lounge.

This year’s incredible exhibits at the London Design Festival encapsulate the essence of design in every form. The nine-day festival, happening September 16th to the 24th, turns London into a playground for design lovers. But, you don’t need to be a designer to appreciate the hundreds of events taking place across the many districts of the city. There are talks, exhibitions, tours, open studios, and trade fairs, all showcasing the dynamic and ever-evolving creative force that so profoundly shapes our culture. 

From the buildings that shape our cityscapes to the products we use daily, design influences how we perceive and interact with the world around us. It shapes our aesthetics, influences our choices, and often serves as a reflection of our societal values and aspirations. Choose what draws you and let your eyes and minds feast on one of the many exhibits. So, co living London residents, join us on this adventure to explore and appreciate the design and culture that molds our shared human experience. Here are a few of the top exhibits that await you.

V&A Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto

The Victoria and Albert Museum is a testament to art and design through the ages. This iconic institution always has something extraordinary to offer. Currently, they are hosting a Coco Chanel exhibit. This is the first UK exhibition dedicated to the work of French couturière, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel. The show will overview the establishment of the House of CHANEL starting from the opening of her first millinery boutique in Paris in 1910, to the showing of her final collection in 1971. The exhibit will feature rarely seen pieces from the V&A's own collection, alongside archive pieces from Chanel's heritage collections – including clothing worn by Hollywood stars like Lauren Bacall and Marlene Dietrich. Visitors will experience the evolution of Chanel’s iconic design style which continues to influence the way women dress today. This exhibit is a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

“Aura” by Pablo Valbuena

This unique exhibit by Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena, was specially made for London's iconic St Paul's Cathedral. The installation examines the potential of time, sound and light to create a contemporary response to the Cathedral Aura . It is a live installation that transforms the sounds present in the Cathedral into a pulsating line of light projected at an architectural scale. The exhibit includes echoes of speech and the harmonious notes of music. Using pulsating light to vividly represent sound waves, 'Aura' offers a unique sensory experience that transcends traditional art forms. This extraordinary exhibition is part of the Wren 300 programme, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the death of  Christopher Wren, the revolutionary scientist, mathematician and architect who was responsible for building the St Paul’s Cathedral we know and love today. 

“The Farm Shop” by Marco Campardo, Guan Lee and Luca Lo Pinto

Designer Marco Campardo, architect Guan Lee and curator Luca Lo Pinto have come together to present Farm Shop. The collection was made by designers during a summer residency at the farm. They were encouraged to explore the relationship between inhabitants and the spaces they live in. This project is a unique intersection of art and design. Visitors experience a total-design space created by contemporary artists. It showcases dining homeware designed and produced at Grymsdyke Farm, Buckinghamshire. In this exhibit, visitors explore the relationship between people and the spaces they live in. The designers examine how setting and community influence and permeate design, which thereby determines how it connects us to the people and places around us. The inspiration for the art comes from the farm’s local community and material palette. Come explore where the things around us come from and how we can care for them. 

Material Matters

The Material Matters fair is returning for its second London Design Festival, taking place at the Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf. This exhibit spans all five floors of this iconic London venue. 

It is an incredible platform for material intelligence, with a focus on celebrating the importance of materials in design and architecture. The fair explores innovative materials that can contribute to a circular economy, showcasing products made from food waste, paper, aluminum, rubber, porcelain, and more. In the podcast first launched in 2019, host Grant Gibson, speaks to an artist, designer, or architect about their relationship with a material or technique that influences his or her career. The Material Matters fair brings these ideas to the wider public, with the goal of increasing awareness of the way we use our resources. Come learn and brainstorm ways that we can design a better, more sustainable world. 

Mycelium Unearthed by Osmose Studio

At this profoundly unique exhibit, regenerative design brand Osmose Studio explores the role of mycelium. Mycelium, the root structure of fungi, is being used in new ways to create ecological balance. Mycelium Unearthed will also showcase wooden chairs by Welsh designer Dylan Glyn and clothing by Osmose Studio co-founder Aurelie Fontan. The event includes workshops for visitors to create their own objects from mycelium, inspiring talks, and more. Look out for the launch of Osmose Studio’s first mycelium furniture range, made of one-hundred percent organic agricultural waste!

Design to Wonderland by Shanghai Design Week

Shanghai Design Week is hosting a guest exhibition, part of the 2023 London Design Festival, focusing on brand ecology, sustainable development, and cultural aesthetics. Design to Wonderland explores the role of design as a driver in industrial innovation, quality of life, and urban and social development. Visitors will experience the aesthetics of design in Chinese culture and contemplate the ways of sustainability efforts in the design and consumer goods industry.

Graphic Designer Adya Sethi - Exhibition October 5th ( Taking place in the Vonder Member's Lounge!)

Vonder tenant, Adya Sethi, is a graphics and media design student at the University of the Arts London College of Communication. Originally from India, Adya has been living in the UK for 3 years and joined the Vonder community in June 2023. She started her design career at the age of seventeen when she worked as a freelancer. Since then, she has worked as a graphic designer with over twenty companies in countries all over the world, from Dehli to London, creating and rebranding visual identities by designing logos, changing color palettes, brand names, 3D typography, and more. Adya's portfolio displays illustrations that vary between surrealism, concept art, and line work. Don’t miss the opportunity to come to the Member’s Lounge to experience her thought-provoking pieces that will send you on a contemplative journey of introspection and touch your existential soul! 

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