350 Trees Makes Giant Sculpture to Stand Outside Buckingham Palace

Named “Tree of Trees”, this 21-metre-high sculpture will be part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend celebrations. 

Trees are important to the Queen, but how much so? Apparently very much, as seen in an initiative called the Queen’s Green Canopy. Its aim was simple: to plant trees for the Jubilee between October 2021 to March 2022. The program has seen over a million trees planted, according to the initiative’s website. For this reason, trees will also be an important part of the Queen celebrating 70 years of her reign from 2-5 June. During this celebration, an impressive sculpture called The Tree of Trees, will be unveiled. Although it will look like one enormous tree, rising above the Buckingham Palace gates, it is actually a sculpture made of 350 trees native to Britain attached to a huge steel frame. All of these trees will be planted in aluminium pots embossed with the Queen's Royal Cypher.

British designer Thomas Heatherwick (founder of London-based Heatherwick Studio), was chosen to head this project. His involvement makes sense; he has been behind many high-profile design projects, and specifically worked on another project called “1000 Trees” (a shopping mall in Shanghai with 1000 trees planted on top of the building’s columns). Another of his projects that featured greenery, “Little Island,” was a park on the pier of the Manhattan riverside that incorporated more than 100 different tree and plant species indigenous to New York. 

This experience with trees probably came in handy on this project, where Heatherwick had to be creative in his methods to maintain the sustainability of its mission. The way “Tree of Trees'' is being built reflects this. Heatherwick explained his process in building the structure: "The structure, created from 350 British native trees and recycled steel, is coming together from workshops and nurseries across the country as one part of an incredible community campaign that's literally changing the landscape of our nation.” 

And now the first images of Heatherwick’s vision are being shown, the sculpture will be officially unveiled on June 2nd.

When the celebration is over, the sculpture will be taken apart. The trees will be stored until October, when they will be donated to community organisations. 

There has never been a better time to pay a visit to the UK; the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee - which means 70 years of reign as the Monarch. Because of that, there will be a wealth of events and activities to honour the Queen, for you to enjoy, so don’t miss out! 

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