Camden Highline: Community Park

Camden Highline is a new charity and community initiative to develop a new park in London, with the aim of fostering connection. 

Designed to be an elevated park and walking route, this new green space will rejuvenate a disused stretch of railway, between Camden Gardens and York Way. The space is planned to include seating areas, cafes, as well as public art spaces, and opportunities for charities to hold activities and events. It will occupy a route of around 1.2km in length, will be 8 metres above the ground, and is expected to be able to provide access to a new green space for 20,000 people. 

The project is the vision and work of hundreds of community residents, and local business owners who have contributed and volunteered their ideas, time, and other resources to developing the plans for the park. The park is being developed to unite communities, and bring together neighbours in the spirit of community and connection. 

The project is currently collection donations in order to get their project off the ground. For more information about the project, and how you can find ways to contribute to this new green space within the city, visit,

Green spaces are important for urban residents. They help urban residents connect with nature, provide places to unwind and relaxed, and also create the perfect places for people to meet, build relationships, and socialise. At Vonder we believe in the importance of green spaces, both within our co-living London complexes, and within our neighbourhoods. 

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