Yinka Ilori brightens Berlin with his latest colourful exhibition

A pavilion of colour and light has popped up on the banks of Berlin’s Spree as Yinka Ilori debuts his first permanent installation in the German capital.

Entitled ‘Filtered Rays’, the pavilion is Ilori's latest brightly coloured public offering, with the intention of it being used as an events space for the Estrel Berlin hotel, located in Neukölln. The piece is a mix of re-used scaffolding poles, which have been dipped in red, blue and yellow, paint and translucent, recyclable disks, made out of polytetrafluoroethylene, resembling upside-down umbrellas.

"I wanted to forge a space that could bring people together, to create a meditative and reflective experience but also a space where people could come together to engage in conversation and create new memories," said Ilori. ‘With Filtered Rays I wanted to play with material, light and colour to manipulate this experience and create moments where your view of the outside is completely transformed.’

It seems Ilori is set to make his mark on many cities, from his recent skatepark in Miami Beach to his many London exhibitions. We recently explored Yinka Ilori’s Splash of Colour in London, where he collaborated with British architect Sam Jacob to redesign his studio into a beautiful, vibrant place of colour, life and inspiration. It’s no wonder Berlin was next on the list, as a lively city, steeped in culture, Berlin’s atmosphere and YInka Ilori’s style go hand in hand. 

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We can’t wait to see where Ilori’s next colourful creation will pop up, as he continues to spread the happiness and joy his designs create. For those in Berlin, don’t miss your chance to check out Filtered Rays, which is freely accessible to the public from July to September where the hotel will be hosting yoga, meditation, dance and art workshops. 

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